Speculative Spatial Design Canvas

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Layout guide and design tool for spatial app and game development.

The Speculative Spatial Design Canvas is a pivotal tool for creating spatial computing experiences, meticulously crafted and informed by scientific insights from Neuroscience; it offers a comprehensive framework for developers to navigate the intricacies of spatial design with confidence and clarity.

The best way to experience the canvas is by printing it out and crafting your ideas with your own hands.

Rooted in the principles of data-driven design, the Speculative Spatial Design Canvas is a guiding beacon for developers, empowering them to craft immersive and user-friendly experiences while mitigating potential challenges, such as cybersickness and fatigue.

By delineating spatial relationships and optimizing interaction dynamics, this canvas facilitates the creation of environments that prioritize user comfort and engagement.

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PDF download of the Speculative Spatial Design Canvas. Take it for free, if you want.

Creative Ideation
Ensure coherence and seamlessness in your design through a systematic breakdown of elements and thoughtful allocation within distinct spatial areas, fostering intuitive interactions and compelling narratives
Design for Spatial Computing
From defining elements to sketching layouts and envisioning 3D interactions, each step in the canvas’ process is meticulously designed to enhance the user experience and propel spatial computing into a new era of innovation.
Game Design for Spatial Computing
At the heart of every game lies its model – a blueprint that delineates the fundamental elements shaping the player’s journey. Within this framework, considerations span a spectrum of crucial components, including the player’s role, core mechanics, objectives, opponents, duration, progress system, and genre.
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Speculative Spatial Design Canvas

11 ratings
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